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The Shard Cinema & Bar // Menu 114YC

-- Lunchmenu --

Tunttaras Goatcheese Salad
Salad of smoked vegetables, goatcheese (the sheep of Namre Hikan of Tunttaras V), walnuts and a honey-thyme dressing.

Green Salad
Green Salad of young spinach, cucumber, green asperagus, green beans, baked Halloumi (a cheese made with goat, sheep and cowmilk), garlic croutons and a fresh herbal vinaigrette made from biological oliveoil (olives of Gekutami III). Served with bread and butter.

Banana Smoothy
Made from full fat yoghurt, fresh orange juice, banana and honey (Crimson Crossberry Blossom of Kiainti VII).

Noodles in Broth
Noodles served with tiger prawns (caught on oceanic planet Toustain VIII), spring union, baked sesame-cucumber. Served with a teapot of Tom Yam Goon soup and cassava crisps.

Tuna Sandwich
Grilled tuna steak on a salad of avocado (Shirley Gr'even of Elore V), chilli peppers and red union and coriander.

Fenugriek Cheese Sandwich
Cheese slices served on a bed of coleslaw, apple. parsley. walnut, with a green herbspread.

Clubsandwich Vitello Tonato
Slices of sautéd veal (Wagyu cows on Aldrat VIII) with tunamayonaise, little gem, hardboiled egg and capers.

Yashunen Chicken Piadina
A piadina filled with Caesar's Salad. A mix of chicken breast slices, bacon, litte gem, grana pandano (a hard salty cheese made on Yashunen III) and a lemon-mayonaise.

Ol' School Veal Burger
A Caldarian breadroll with a burger made from minced vealsteak, with baked union, lettuce and a spicy bell peppersalsa.

Classic Pan Tosti
A pan tosti made of molten provolone, red union, tomato, bacon and a fried egg.

-- Dinner menu --


Soup of the Day
Served with sourdough bread and lightly salted creambutter.

Sivala Filet of Mackerel
Baked on the skin (caught on oceanic planet Sivala V), served with a salad of selerystocks and cucumber. With this a herban vinaigrette with sour apples and red beets.

Sujarento Smoked Lambham
Baked mini pancakes with a fresh mustardcreme, smoked ham of lamb (cattlefarm Nomenco on Sujarento IV) and baked duck scraps with applesirup.

Goatscheese Pie
A piece of pie made from goats and farmers cheese. With a base of perennial cheese, with a marmelade of tomatoes and a cup of carrot-orangesoup.

Main courses:

Sujarento Beefsirloin With Union-souffle
Beefsirloin served with a side of potatoes, union-souffle and grilled vegetables. Served with a sauce of parsley and garlic.

Nourvukaiken Filet of Sole
Two small soles from the Northsea of Nourvukaiken III, baked in clarified butter, served with baked potato with lemon-mayonaise and a fresh salad of Nicolai-potato, cabbage and chive.

Caldari Local Plater
Caldarian local vegetables with a touch of Minmatar
Potatomash with baked garlic and biological oliveoil. Served with cauliflower roses with a dash of green herbs. A crisp of bell pepper with corn flour and a paste of peas.

Side dishes:
[1 serving sofices for about 2 people]

- Mixed salad with fresh dressing
- Gallentean small fries with mayonaise
- Amarrian baked chips with vinegar


Strawberry pie
A fine slice with Gadeshian strawberries from Deltole III served with a ball of strawberry icecream and a sauce of farmers yoghurt.

Chocolate Profiterole
Three mini rolls covered in thick chocolate, served with a ball of almond icecream and a stripe of caramel.

Raw Milk Cheeses
Bheemser knifehanger (cowmilk) and Farmers Villore old sheepcheese from 'Maître Fromager' Shaan Le'Hian on Madirmilire IV.

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