Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wine Menu by connoisseur Dar'ehl Gedo of Funtainen IX

This list of delicious wines had been handselected by our wine connoisseur Dar'ehl Gedo of Funtainen IX. He has selected various seasonal wines he has stocked after a lifelong journey through the universe. We are honoured to be able to offer you this wide selection of some of the finest wines in New Eden.


1. D'avite Shiu Vin de Table Dry
Crisp with refreshing green-fruit undertones.

2. D'avite Shiu Vin de Table Medium
Fresh and tangy on the nose yet round on the palate.

3. D'avite Shiu Vin de Table Red
Rounded Gallentean wine with plenty of soft fruity flavours.


4. House Champagne 1er Cru Monblaque
Dry and elegant with great finesse.

5. Mokasin Estate Brut
An Amarrian sparkling wine made from selected grape
varieties. It's fresh, flavoursome and has a lively crisp
finish. Perfect for all your celebrations.


6. Metrialdo Piemonte Cor'tac - Motsu IV
The Motsu grape is native to Piemonte's Cor'tac Hills where it gives dry lemony white wine with a clean and elegant flavour.

7. Deverna Shindsberd - Hek V
Light and easy going, medium dry fruity Moselle.

8. Mevolda Charnay - Luminaire VI
An archetypcal Charnay, buttery toasty aromas give way to rich, full creamy flavours on the palate, balanced by underlying citrus notes.

9. Gredondo Phali - Villore IV
Beautifully structured, extremely well balanced with a good length. Great finesse, ripeness and varietal purity with fragrant rose-petal and grapefruit aromas. A fine spicy complexity -delicately rich.

10. Chablis Drambu - Taisy III
The cool climate of the Chablis vineyards in Northern Taisy III produce this classic wine from the Charnay grape with a fresh bouquet and dry, yet full flavours that last on the palate.


11. Araldica Piemonte Cor'tac - Motsu IV
The Araldica is the classic red grape of Piemonte's Sheam area. It produces ripe, fruity medium bodied wines.

12. Cote du Noevelle - Luminaire VI
Ruby red coloured wine with an elegant and frankly fragrance, pleasant and well balanced taste. Smooth fruity and warming.

13. Riota Tinto Hal'vajas - Atoosh V
Smooth and full red Amarrian wine aged in oak.

14. Fleurie - Villore IV
Traditional Fleurie, full, soft fruit flavours and a hint of irises. Good underlying structure. Silky and scented, cru Beaujolais at it's best.


15. Rose d’Andornge
A light rose wine from the Sinq Liason region with a fresh fruity flavour

16. Casa De Mundas Rose
A famous Matari wine, medium and easy drinking.

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