Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Shard Restaurant // Menu 114YC

We are proud to present our new menu for the start of 114YC and the official opening of The Shard Restaurant to the general public.

Starters // The Shard Restaurant

Cocktails & dreams
Classic pairs in a new style
Last minute peeled fat grey shrimp, tomato, olive, pepperyoghurt and Northseacrab, old cheese with young "earthy" vegetables

Gooseliver with Northsea crab, hazelnut, black olive, juice of fermented red cabbage

Sweetbread with crispy shrimp, popped pandanrice, BBQ pineapple and peanutsauce.

Oysters in the sand
Gooseliver, Olorose sherry and ginger

langoustine seared on one side, roasted hempseed, cremé of curry spices, pumpkin and stringbean juice

St. Jakobsscalops
Raw St. Jakobs, veal marrow, black garlic in juice of charcoal roasted knobcelery

Epoisses, rabbit kidney and potato drip

Sleeper Waffles
Gooseliver, goatscheese, hazelnut and icecream of smoked beets

Main Courses // The Shard Restaurant

Dorsal filet of cod, stock of Jerusalem artichoke flowers, eadable flowers, walnuts, crispy Jerusalem artichoke. With a pinch of white chocolate and apple

King Mullet
Mullet filet, razor clam, cockles, handrolled couscous, cremé and oil of Baharat and mussel juice

Fresh Water Parade
Riverbass, eal, pike-perchcheek with fennelchlorofyl, shallots and apple.
Salad of young fennel, smelt and riverlobsters.

Raging Duck
Wild duck, sauerkraut juice, organmeat, cremé of gooseliver, mushrooms and a duckchop with corn and herbal yoghurt

Homing Pigeon
Tame pigeon with cremé of gooseliver and goatscheese, star anise, white pepper and juice of kohlrabi

Unleased Hare
Hare, cauliflower chlorofyl, "Royal" sauce, Kyomi oranges and parsleyroot

Vegetable Menu
on the rocks

Kohlrabi, hempseed, goatscheese and curry spices

Cauliflower spaghetti, cornichons, hazelnut and mace

Knobcelery, black olive, orange, vervain "First Flush" and Strachitun cheese

Cruesli of seeds and buckwheat, bulgur, watercress and pickled "Dalfsen" potato

Jerusalem Artichoke, chickweed, pickled mushrooms, appel and walnut
Rice, blackthorn, watercress and meadowsweet.

Desserts // The Shard Restaurant

GingerbeerSpices with passionfruit, gingerale and chicory

BlackthornRice, blackthorn, meadowsweet and watermint

Lime leavesCoconut, mango and coffee with cardamom

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  1. Am I missing something? I cannot see any mention of prices? Is it a case of " if you need to ask the price you cannot afford it?" A Goddaughter would like to be taken on her 18th birthday. I am willing to pay to a certain point but I need to know before booking.