Sunday, October 23, 2011

Epsilon lounge // Catering Menu

The buffet counter shows a wide variety of breadrolls with meat, fish and cheese.
Four different fruit smoothies, shrimp, smoked chicken & mushroom salads, pumpkin and roast beef salad, green vegetable salad with raspberrry dressing, buttered pancakes and platters of fruit.

The chef will also prepare the following dishes per request.

Served on Christophe bread (traditionally baked wheat bread with sea salt and ryedesem) with sauerkraut, mustard and pork scraps.

Bagel Comté
Sesamebagel with old Comté (30 months) Served with an avocado-limesalsa.

Clubsandwich (meat)
'All Caldarian' Clubsandwich with cooked ham, bacon, turkey, tomato, dyon-mayonaise and lettuce.

Clubsandwich (fish)
Smoked salmon with a creme of oregano and chives. grilled babycorn, little gem.

Pumpkinsoup (vegetarian)
Soup of pumpkin with Garam Masala (Roasted mix of minmatarian spices), red lentils, sour cream and roasted almond shavings.

Beef broth
Broth made from beef shank served with various mushrooms, flat parsley and roasted garlicbread.

Pan Tosti (vegetarian)
Pan tosti with baked mushrooms, red chili, zuccini, baked egg and mozzarella cheese.

Piadina (Amarrian wrap) filled with creme of mascarpone, pasta salad (orecchiette) with chopped egg and basil, prosciutto (dried raw ham) and shaved Grana Padano-cheese.

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