Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snacks Menu

The Shard has a wide selection of snacks available till 23:00 YST.
The menu changes on a monthly bases and always contains a meat, fish and vegetarian snack.

Peppadew Bites
Deep fried peppadews filled with creamcheese, served with a dip of chilli and lime

Waldcorn Rondo-Bread
Served with herbal butter

Mixed Nuts
A bowl filled with almonds, cashew, walnuts and pecan nuts

Gekutami Olives
Marinaded olives from Gekutami III

Salted nacho's served with a cold tomatosalsa

Three types of delicious cheese served with grapes and mustard

Our meatplatter is filled with finely sliced meats. This month we serve walnut-cervelat, truffle-salami and Serano ham served with olives and mustard

Meal Replacements:

Fresh salad of potato, capers, red union, tuna and Nourvukaiken shrimps

Wrap filled with Heimatar couscous, goatscheese and coriander-creme, garnished with plums

Noodles baked in Teriyaki sauce with zucchini and spicy marinaded chickenbreast

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