Friday, September 2, 2011

Mixed Drinks served at The Shard

Our personal favorites:

Sobaseki Slammer
1 part Grand Marnier, 1 part Minmatarian Cream, 1 part Coffee Liqueur. Served while on fire, drink quickly

New Eden Sunrise
4 parts New Eden Tequilla, 1 part creme de pomegranate, 2 parts orange juice, served in a martiniglass

Brutor Boozer
1 pint glass of Brutor ale, 1 shotglass filled with Greyscale Whiskey. The shotglass is placed inside the ale and downed in one go.

Pator Peachmix
3 parts Peach liqueur, 2 parts Caldarian Vodka, 2 parts orangejuice, a slice of apricot and a leaf of mint

Geminate Juicer
4 parts Caldarian Rum, 2 parts limocello, a mixture of orange, pineapple and grapefruitjuice.

Tovil-Toba Martini

3 parts of Caldarian Rum, 2 parts of Villore Vermouth. Garnished with an olive, served dirty

San Crielere Rum Daisy
5 parts Coconut rum, 2 parts lemonjuice, 1/2 part orange snapps. Served in a highball with 3 cherries.

Gallente Connection
2 part Amaretto, 2 part Hine. Served in a cocktailglass

Numerous other mixdrinks are available at the bar, just ask one of the bartenders.

Exclusive Beverages:

Honey Mead J215124
A specialty honey mead made by an anonymous group that lives in J215124. The Vauxette Le Grand orchid provides a quality honey that would turn even pirates into pacifists.

Glenheimatar Daxanto
A 120 yo Single Malt bottled by the Glenheimatar & Sons. This whiskey is of an extremely rare batch. Only 4500 bottles are still in existence. We are proud to be able to offer you this rare opportunity to sample it. To order you must arrange it atleast one month in advance.

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